Ellesmere Shropshire a beautiful Market town

Ellesmere Shropshire an Historic Market town located near Oswestry in North Shropshire

Ellesmere Shropshire market townEllesmere has Stunning local scenery famous for its meres, canal waterways and history.

Ellesmere Shropshire’s history dates back to the 11th Century and the town is located by the side of the mere one of the largest natural glacial meres in England.

The mere has a visitors centre and is a very popular place for bird watchers where Grey Herons can be seen nesting , locally there are 8 other meres Blakemere, Colemere, Crosemere, Kettlemere, Newtonmere, Whitemere, Sweatmere and Hanmer mere.

Ellesmere Shropshire has a lovely town center with many shops, eating places, market and historic buildings.

Ellesmere Shropshire has 2 local Schools Ellesmere Primary and Lakelands School, also Ellesmere Collage is situated on the outskirts of the town.

The Blackwater Marina is a beautiful water feature of the town and is very popular with Narrowboat holidays.

There are many local Bed and Breakfast guest houses and hotels including The Red Lion, Ellesmere Hotel and Black Lion.

The local people in Ellesmere are very friendly and it is a lovely place to live or to visit.

Ellesmere Shropshire HistoryEllesmere Shropshire in the Past

Ellesmere Railway station in the 1950′s and 60′s was a popular railway stop situated between Wrexham and Whitchurch.

Ellesmere dairy Shropshire

Ellesmere dairy Shropshire

Ellesmere Dairy was built in the 1930s to serve the many dairy farms in the region. The creamery was owned by United Dairies, which became Unigate Dairies in 1959. At some point before its closure in 1987-89

Ellesmere Castle Shropshire

Ellesmere Castle

Ellesmere Shropshire motte and bailey castle 200m south west of St Mary’s Church, The date of construction is not known but the castle is usually ascribed to Roger of Montgomery and was probably built not long after 1086.

Ellesmere Shropshire canal Wharf

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