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Old Photos of Ellesmere Shropshire

Have you any Old Photos of Ellesmere Shropshire?

old photos ellesmere shropshire

old photos ellesmere shropshire

If you have any old photos of Ellesmere Shropshire hidden away in your drawers or photo albums we would love to display them on the Ellesmere Shropshire Website in our photo gallery.

It would be great to share the history of Ellesmere with everyone and bring back some great memories for local people or people who once visited or lived in our beautiful market town.

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Ellesmere Shropshire Railway Station

Ellesmere Shropshire Railway Station

Ellesmere Railway station in the 1950’s and 60’s a popular railway stop situated between Wrexham and Whitchurch.

The railway station’s access was from Brownlow Road and was closed in 1965.

In 1923 the Cambrian Railway was taken over by the Great Western Railway. In GWR days seven trains operated daily in each direction between Oswestry and Whitchurch. Eight operated on the line to Wrexham Central.

During the Second World War many extra trains ran through Ellesmere as there were large military depots and camps situated locally. At Overton, on the Wrexham Branch, there was a large military hospital which also generated traffic.

On the 1st January 1948, Ellesmere Station, and the lines that served it, became part of the Nationalised British Railways Western Region by the late 1950s competition from road transport was having a massive effect. Services had been reduced and on the 8th September 1962 the Wrexham Central service ended and the line was lifted from Ellesmere to Pickhill.

This left Ellesmere with only services on the Whitchurch to Welshpool axis. This service continued until the 18th January 1965 when the station was closed to passengers.

Goods services continued to run from Ellesmere to Whitchurch until the 29th March 1965. Ellesmere Station’s main building is still there today and for many years was used as office accommodation.

ellesmere railway station platform

Ellesmere railway station platform

ellesmere railway goods yard

Ellesmere railway goods yard

ellesmere railway station

Ellesmere railway station

Ellesmere Shropshire Railway Station

Ellesmere Shropshire Railway Station

Ellesmere Dairy

Ellesmere Dairy

Ellesmere dairy Shropshire

Ellesmere dairy Shropshire

I was part of the last team to work at Ellesmere dairy just before it finally closed,  it was used for cheese packing and then finally cheese storage before closing for good, I am sure there are many Ellesmere people who have fond memories of the dairy as it had a large local workforce.


Ellesmere Dairy was built in the 1930s to serve the many dairy farms in the region. The creamery was owned by United Dairies, which became Unigate Dairies in 1959. At some point before its closure in 1987-89 the ownership of the creamery transferred to Dairy Crest. When closed it employed nearly 300 people – probably a good third of the town’s workforce – so it was a major blow to the town. The site occupied about 50 acres, of which perhaps 15-20 acres were covered by buildings. Much of the equipment was removed from the creamery when it closed.

As the dairy became more derelict it became a danger and was open to abuse from vandalism, what was once a main workplace for many Ellesmere workers, became an eyesore  which needed urgent attention, not only for the safety of children in the area but for the look and appeal of Ellesmere to visitors and local residents.

Ellesmere Shropshire dairy

Ellesmere dairy

Now The old Ellesmere Shropshire Dairy is gone giving way to new development on the Wharf like Tesco’s and housing developments.

tesco ellesmere shropshire

Tesco supermarket Ellesmere Shropshire