Ellesmere Shropshire Sculpture trail

The Ellesmere Shropshire Sculpture Trail is made up of sculptures set in the unique and beautiful landscape of Ellesmere in North Shropshire. The pieces are created by international contemporary artists.

Ellesmere Shropshire sculpture trail

Ellesmere Shropshire sculpture trail

ESi commissioned Stephen Hitchin to create a piece in front of Ellesmere Town Hall, and it was finally installed for 2013.

The next phase of the Sculpture Trail was to have one or more sculptures through the town so that the canal part of the trail could be linked to the Cremorne Gardens part with some interest.

We approached the Town Council who were delighted, in Jubilee year to have a sculpture in front of the Town Hall. Opposite is an area known as Sparbridge (a name that has remained since the mediaeval times when the only way to cross the boogy area here at the end of the Mere was by a bridge of spars and planks) Also the rear of Charlotte Row housing is reportedly a rope walk where women and children wound rope for the canal industry. These two aspects of the history of the area was an important criteria for the theme of the sculpture.

To view more information about Ellesmere Shropshire Sculpture trail visit website Ellesmere Sculpture Trail

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