Ellesmere Shropshire snow storm December 2017

Ellesmere Shropshire snow storm

Ellesmere Shropshire had a large covering of snow in the aftermath of storm Caroline, as Caroline moved across to Scandinavia it dragged cold weather down from the North and over Britain.

North Wales and the Midlands as well as Scotland took the brunt of the Snow leaving people stranded and the Met Office giving a severe weather warning stating not to drive unless absolutely neccessary.

To some this weather is a shock as over the last few years we have had reletively mild Winters, the younger generation will not remember severe snow storms that we had in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I remember as a youngster myself the snow drifting over the hedges and even came across farmers digging there tractors out of the lanes nearby.

Ellesmere Shropshire snow storm

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