Local Services

Local services Ellesmere Shropshire

Local services Ellesmere Shropshire

Local services in Ellesmere Shropshire and surrounding area telephone numbers for contacting local schools doctors opticians and more.

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Handy Phone Numbers

Ellesmere Medical Practice Tel: 01691 622798

Ellesmere Dental Practice Tel: 01691 880713

Blakemere Veterinary Centre Tel: 01691 622201

Police Tel: 0300 333 3000 Emergency 999

Ellesmere Lakelands School Tel: 01691 622543

Ellesmere Primary School Tel: 01691 622288

Ellesmere College Tel: 01691 622321

S R Drinnan Opticians Tel: 01691 623300

Ellesmere Town Council Tel: 01691 622689

Shropshire Council Tel: 0345 678 9000

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