Ellesmere Shropshire market town

Products and gifts to remember your visit to Ellesmere Shropshire

Ellesmere Shropshire a beautiful market town on the Welsh Border packed with great places to to visit including The mere where you can take lovely walks and enjoy an Ice Cream or two!

The canal where narrowboats can be viewed mooring or chugging along in the peaceful surroundings.

Some lovely products below will help you to remember your visit to Ellesmere Shropshire.

The Canal

The Mere


Ellesmere Shropshire is located by the side of ‘the Mere’, one of the largest natural meres in England outside the Lake District and one of nine glacial meres in the area. (‘glacial’ means that the depression occupied by the mere was the location of a block of ice that persisted at the end of the last Ice Age). These meres are different from those in the Lake District in that they do not have a flow of water into them to maintain the level.

An artificial island in the Mere was constructed in 1812 from soil dug out during the making of the gardens at Ellesmere House. This was later named Moscow Island, as Napoleon was forced to retreat from Moscow that year. The Mere has a visitors’ centre and is popular with birdwatchers, many of whom visit to see grey herons nesting. There are eight other meres nearby: Blakemere, Colemere, Crosemere, Kettlemere, Newtonmere, Whitemere, Sweatmere and Hanmer Mere.

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