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The Ellesmere Triathlon

the ellesmere triathlon

The Ellesmere Triathlon 2014

The Ellesmere Triathlon Organising Committee and Shropshire Council were pleased to once again support the annual Tri UK Shropshire Triathlon which will take place on Sunday 25th May 2014 in the Cremorne Gardens, Ellesmere. With over 500 entries expected, the Tri UK Shropshire Triathlon will be one of the biggest sporting events held in North Shropshire and will attract large numbers of spectators to this beautiful and atmospheric venue in Ellesmere Shropshire.

The Organising Committee said they would like to thank the British Triathlon Federation for the opportunity to once again host this prestigious event which will showcase this superb location and focus the triathlon world on Shropshire.

Good luck to all the athletes and organising committee send a big thanks to the legions of volunteers who give freely of their time. They hope as many people as possible will attend to cheer on the athletes and make this a great sporting event in Shropshire.